Ensuring water rights for rural people


Pravo-gradjana-na-vodu-ENGThe leading Project applicant is the Centre for management, development and planning – MDP Initiative (MDPi) from Doboj and the partners are: the Association for environmental protection and improvements „Una-Sana“ from Bihać and the Centre for local and regional development (CELOR) from Derventa.

The overall objective of the Project is to improve the health situation and drinking water quality in the Ukrina river basin in BiH by strengthening capacities of the rural communities for exercising their water rights and developing of policy model for legalization and management of rural water schemes.

The main focus will be placed on the development of a legal model for management of rural water schemes in Derventa municipality and on the initiation of advocating for scaling up of the model throughout BiH. Furthermore, Project activities will contribute to better capacities and awareness of the water service users in rural communities in management and maintenance of the water schemes.

At the beginning of the Project a detailed situation analysis for Derventa municipality will be made: mapping of the existing water schemes, quality analysis of drinking water in them and legal analysis of circumstances that they operate in. On the basis of the analysis, recommendations for the improvement of the legal frame will be defined, i.e. a suitable legal model for legalized functioning of water supply systems in rural areas will be recommended. Interested citizens will be given a manual for legalization of community-based water schemes.

Project achievements will be promoted through local campaigns and seminars, organized for the local population, and round tables in different parts of the country, for the higher levels of authorities.

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