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Projekat-javno-o-javnim-uslugama-ENGThe lack of accountability of local authorities in relation to availability and quality of public services is among biggest obstacles to advancement of local self-governance in Bosnia and Herzegovina. There is neither the practice of measuring of citizens’ satisfaction with public services nor the practice of open public discussion regarding this issue among relevant stakeholders at local level.

In order to address the mentioned problems, the general objective of this project is to improve accountability of local authorities for public services provision by means of introducing practice of continuous monitoring and assessment of work of local authorities carried out by citizens and CSOs.

There are four categories of activities:

  1. Dissemination of information about public services among wide range of socio-economic actors;
  2. Initiating multi-stakeholder dialogue about standards and perceptions of public service provision;
  3. Capacity-building of citizens and CSO representatives in selected municipalities;
  4. Ensuring media coverage of project activities.


Expected results are as follows:

  • Increased awareness of citizens and other relevant actors about public services providers, their responsibilities and duties;
  • Intensified cooperation among wide range of socio-economic actors on improvement of public services;
  • CSO representatives built sufficient capacities for taking active role in influencing and shaping work of local authorities in regard to public service provision.

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