Centre for Management, Development and Planning – MDP Initiatives (MDPi) was formed in April 2002 as a project team for the implementation of the „Municipal Development Project“ in Bosnia and Herzegovina, funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation – SDC. In January 2008, fully supported by the SDC as a donor, MDPi was re-registered into non-profit and professional association operating in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In accordance with the Association’s programme, all activities of MDPi have been directed towards promotion and advocacy for the good governance, primarily on the local level, as well as the promotion of the democratisation of the society in general. MDPi was registered with the Ministry of Justice of BiH and is located in Doboj.

MDPi team possesses unique skills related to good governance and is recognized as competent and reliable partner in the area of local and regional development in a complex political and institutional environment of Bosnia and Herzegovina. MDPi provides expertise, builds management capacities and practices in municipalities and civil society organisations, stimulates and implements development initiatives, fosters partnerships and networks on local and regional level.

With specific needs and challenges of contemporary Bosnian society in mind, MDPI team identified the following areas of intervention:

  • Improvement of public services,
  • Improvement of environmental conditions and
  • LED promotion program

Besides these programmes, the Association has two operating centres used for sharing own knowledge and skills in order to contribute to the development of Bosnian society:

  • Centre for project and grant management,
  • Training and consulting centre.

In order to keep track with current trends and be able to meet the demands of collaborators and clients, MDPi team continuously exchanges experiences and strengthens cooperation with the civil society organisations and experts in B&H, neighbouring and countries of Western Balkans and South-East Europe.

MDPi team has established and maintained partnerships with a number of municipalities and cities in the Northern Bosnia and Herzegovina, with specially fruitful and dedicated cooperation with the towns and cities of: Doboj, Doboj Istok, Doboj Jug, Derventa, Gračanica, Lukavac, Maglaj, Modriča, Petrovo, Šamac, Teslić and Usora.

MDPi has developed strategic partnerships with Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation in Switzerland and SIPU International from Sweden.

Professionalism and result based work have been confirmed in a number of successfully implemented projects in the past. Values nurtured by MDPi have been recognized by a wide circle of donors, such as: EU Delegation in B&H, Open Society Fund – FOD BiH, OSCE BiH, UN Development Programme, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation – SDC, MDGiF, Swiss Embassy in B&H, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Slovenia, Save the Children etc.

The most extensive mandate of MDPi was an implementation of the „Municipal Development Project“ supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation – SDC with a total budget of CFH 9 Mio for the period 2001 – 2011.